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About Lovey Lake & The Owner

Lovey Lake is a handmade children's clothing brand, specializing in eclectic pieces. Our goal is to have such variety, that we clothe all little ones from the princess to the tomboy. Keeping things unique, we often mix patterns, textures, and mediums. Quality fabrics and stitching mixed with a keen eye to detail, allows you to wear these pieces time and time again. As a mom to 3 boys, I try to include at least one piece for the little dudes with each release!

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Leah founded Lovey Lake in 2013 after her only daughter, Laiken (Lake) was born. She is a busy mom of 4 little ones, life is all about balancing her business and home life. Leah is a Michigander at heart but currently located in central Iowa. Midwest is best! Check back frequently to see updates to the shop and the family.